Finding great local multiplayer games now near impossible

The future of gaming for years now, has layed and still lays without a doubt in connected gameplay, and the world of connected gaming(multiplayer), is thriving even more than ever. 
Ever since the first ever multiplayer games like "space war", "astrorace", "air warrior", "1972's pong" and even the first ever conventional game "Tetris for two" released in the year 1958 came to light multiplayer gaming has continued to reach heights on practically every platform there is, from console to pc to even mobile!
Now all this is good, great even for us gamers, but what direction is it leaning towards? I mean is it leaning towards online multiplayer or local multiplayer?

Progress for multiplayer games is great but what if a part of it is actually gradually dieing, because of said progress and if so, can we actually even call it progress?
We've got questions like 
  • Why are some of the greatest games of our present day and time online multiplayer based?
  • Why is local gaming taking a turn towards oblivion?
  • How is it that after all these years there aren't actually many decent games we can compare with the online multiplayer giants out there?
  • And why are great local multiplayer games to hard to find?
I mean we've got all these questions with many of them left unanswered and it seemed like no one was actually ready to answer them, well no one was until now.

The Breakdown!

For a fact every company is focussing on online multiplayer. While few developers are still prioritizing couch co-op/multiplayer games like Nintendo or a few select game genres that just seem to never loose their local multiplayer features, games like FIFA, NBA, PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) etc, on all consoles they were made available in. But why the sudden plummet in the availability of "local multiplayer" in so many game genres? The answer is simple, after much thought and research it came down to a few things.
  1. Co-op/couch multiplayer local games are games that are widely popular among people who grew up with them, and hence the newer generation of gamers interested in multiplayer find many online multiplayer games and get used to them as supposed local multiplayer which have been getting harder and harder to find.
  2. Online multiplayer games are easier to set-up as the internet is connecting people all over the globe and bringing people from different places together. The thrill of teaming up with friends whenever and wherever actually makes online multiplayer not only easier option as opposed the then tiring and time consuming local multiplayer setup but a more preferred option as well.
  3. Split screen isn't all that anymore. Truth be told I don't fancy split screens as I first did, mostly because it takes up more processing power that sometimes my console, pc or mobile cannot give! Honestly I think I'm not alone, I feel people hate split screen local multiplayer as well as nearly all gamers are obsessed with 60FPS and getting a stable 60FPS on a split screen LMG(Local multiplayer game)  would be nearly Impossible, unless I've got thousands of dollars just laying there I could use to get a better pc or mobile, I can't say as much for consoles thou.


Yup although other reasons exist as to why it's become so difficult to find LMGs, one major undisputed reason would be PROFIT, as an online multiplayer game would mean each player would have to get his/her own copy as opposed many couch LMGs in which only a copy could serve an entire group of friends. So they make it so we've gotta get our own copy and hence sales go up 2X or even more, it's always been about profit for most Game Devs and even the gradual death of LMGs is as a result of profit.
For as long as games have existed a war has raged on, between Game Devs and Gamers for better gameplay, glitch fixes, and not more stuff to pay for. For as long as even I can recall I've always been pissed at updates that instead of giving us better gameplay and fixing glitches would be for more skins to buy and better ways to entice me to spend some paper. Yes they've got to make cash to keep the game running and pay staff, but honestly I feel most Game Devs could do so much better.

There you have it feel free to drop any questions you've got and express any contrary views you might have as well as any points you'd love to share, Game ON!

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