Effects of ICT in Childbirth and Development


Hmmn technology, technology to some of us has become like a partner and the use of it to some has become a reflex action pretty much like breathing!

Technology is simply applying scientific knowledge, and discoveries into and for practical purposes science and technology actually go hand in hand.

We see technology everyday and all the time from our alarm clocks that wake us up, to the cab/car we take to work, to our cellphones and even the beds we sleep on is considered technology. When most people hear the word technology what comes to mind are wires and stuff, but if you actually give it another look via the definition, technology can be anything born off the knowledge of science!

Technology has been with us for so long now and  yet many people fail to see it's adverse effects on human life and development. We would like to take a look at technology and how it affects child birth and development! 

But honestly all of this doesn't actually answer the question. The effects of ICT in child birth and development.
To answer the question we'll have to take a look at ICT and it's adverse effects on human life

ICT Pregnancy and Childbirth

Information and communication technology (ICT), is defined by Wikipedia as an extensional term for information technology (IT), that stresses the role of unified communications, and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) and computers, as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information.
Simply put ICT is a collection of communication systems/networks that aid in the manipulation and communication of data between various users, and even  simpler, Information and Communication Technologies." ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies.

ICT affects us in various ways but, possibly the greatest effect of ICT on individuals is the huge increase in access to information and services that has accompanied the growth of the Internet. Some of the positive aspects of this increased access are better, and often cheaper, communications, such as VoIP phone and Instant Messaging have now been more readily and broadly available than ever before.

But how does this really help in child birth? Honestly at a first glance it seems like it really doesn't to be honest, I mean how does being able to communicate faster and better and having so much information at my disposal even help in child... And then it hits you. It's been right there all this while, the biggest effect of ICT in childbirth would be the huge amount of information that's been made available.
Unlike before, you now have a constant access to information, even before conception, and this information actually helps you decide if having a child at the present time would be what's best for you and if already pregnant the information on how to keep your unborn baby healthy and happy is all there for you to see and use.
ICT gives you a vast amount of knowledge, how to eat healthy for two, signs your pregnancy is going well, tips and tricks on reducing stress, and so much more information on how to keep your baby healthy and know when you're doing something wrong or right is always one click away or one call away. I mean you don't always have to make the long trip to your family doctor just to know each and everything to do and when to do it and if you're doing it properly and if you're not doing it properly and all that stuff. Your doctor is now just a phone call away or an email away and you could even join an online group of women who are pregnant or have been pregnant before and seek their advice from their present or past experiences and that 
Believe it or not is really something that ICT can boast of. If you would like to know the effects of IT and technology in pregnancy and childbirth just send in an email and I'll be sure to personally send you an article that should put you through on the subject.

Please note the difference between IT and ICT. For IT can be seen as the information made available on subjects online for various individuals and the technologies that make that possible, while ICT deals more on the communication part and it's entirety, that is the passing/transfer of information from one point to another.

For example when a woman Google's how to eat healthier and live healthier for her baby that information is courtesy of IT(information technology), but when she calls her doctor for tips and joins online groups from which she can learn a few that's ICT(information communication technology in Play. Be guided on the littlest of differences!

ICT and it's Effects on Child Development.

Now that we understand the effects of ICT in child birth let's take a look at how it affects child development/growth.
Every parent wants the absolute best for their children, they want proper, healthy and steady growth physically, socially, educationally and even spiritually.
Studies have shown that the use of ICT has the potential of fostering rapid development in children and that ICT also foster some negative growth as well.
Although the positive outweigh the negative effects the negative cannot be overlooked. Adele of these effects are given just below.

Positive impacts:

  • When their encounters with ICT are supported by guided interaction there is potential to promote various areas of learning. ICT can help to develop children's dispositions to learn by increasing self- esteem and confidence, or by supporting independence and persistence in the face of initial difficulties.
  • Develop and foster communication skills. Van Scoter & Boss (2002) found out that ICT can make rich contributions to children’s literacy development (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Some of the programs enable children to learn vocabularies and writing skills.
  • Develop and foster social skills. Studies have shown that the use of ICT has the potential of  fostering development of social skill in children by providing a forum of collaboration, cooperation, and positive learning experiences between children, or between children and adults (Shah & Godiyal, 2009).

  • Enhance children’s learning. Each child is special and learn differently. Henceforth, using ICT can enhance their learnings.
  • Whatever stage of learning your child is at, ICT can help motivate stimulate or if necessary, re-engage them. Challenging tasks become more manageable and mundane activities more accessible. Some schools also find that children reach higher levels when technology is made a part of lessons.

Negative impacts:

  • Promote anti-social behaviour in children. Without adult supervision, children might be developing anti-social behaviour. For instance, when children use ICT from day till night, it Affect children’s health. When children spend most of their time playing computer games or other technologies, they will not be exposed to physical exercises like running around, playing in the playground and it will affect their physical growth.
  • Another negative impact is their unhindered access to broad amounts of information which could be harmful to them as no guidance with IT and ICT for children might result in poor mental health.
Whatever stage of learning your child is at, ICT can help motivate stimulate or if necessary, re-engage them. Challenging tasks become more manageable and mundane activities more accessible. Some schools also find that children reach higher levels when technology is made a part of lessons.
But you should know that ICT is important in early childhood and I would recommend us use.
ICT is becoming a ubiquitous component of the physical and social worlds occupied by young children. Therefore, ICT matters in early childhood education, because it already has an effect on the people and the environments that surround young children's learning and well-being.

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