12 Astounding Facts About Our World


1. The songs of whales sound like jazz.

Researchers at the University of California, Merced, developed a special method for analyzing and comparing different sounds — from human speech to the sound of thunder.
The results of the investigation showed that the language of whales has a similar structure to jazz music. And the sound of thunder is similar to the sounds of classical symphonies.

2. Scientists found the most attractive part of a female body.

A group of European scientists found out that the level of attention paid to a woman depends on how much she incurvates her back.
During the experiment, scientists showed 3D models of female bodies to a male audience and followed the reaction of their eyes. The curve of the back appeared to be the most attractive spot.

3. Bones can be made out of polyethylene.
Russian scientists from the National University of Science and Technology created a material that can be used to make safe and durable bone, joint, and muscle prostheses. It’s hard to believe, but the polyethylene that is normally associated with shopping bags from a supermarket can serve as a material for the best prostheses.

4. Birds work as "nannies" and expect to get an inheritance.
Scientists noticed that some monogamous birds help other birds take care of their children instead of having their own nestlings. They do it because they want to get an inheritance: when the nestlings grow up, they leave their nest looking for a new home, and the rights for the abandoned territory come to the "babysitters." It seems like birds know something about creating business relationships.

5. Flying motorcycles and cars

Scorpion-3, a flying motorcycle, is already used by Dubai policemen. The next step is a flying car that can take off and land vertically. Hopefully, we can fight traffic jams in the future.

6. Fish might have emotions.
An international group of scientists proved that a fish can react emotionally to some environmental factors. During the investigation, scientists exposed the fish to some stress factors and measured their hormone levels.

7. A gigantic planet was found, which brings all of modern science into question.

Scientists discovered the biggest planet ever known in the Universe. A gas giant named NGTS-1b disproves the existing theory of planetary formation. According to this theory, NGTS-1b shouldn’t have appeared. Scientists are puzzled because it seems that the Universe has a lot of surprises for us.

8. An explosion-proof suit
Russian scientists made a real superhero suit, wearing which you can walk through a minefield without any fear. You won’t believe it, but the test-drive of the suit was carried out by a petite girl. Just like in a Hollywood movie.

9. Human saliva can heal wounds.

Chilean scientists proved that the peptide histatin-1 in human saliva helps wounds to heal faster. Well, we all knew that as kids. This substance will probably be used in medicine soon.

10. Scientists discovered the secret of eternal youth.

Scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, discovered something revolutionary. In the process of aging, laboratory mice developed a new formation in the hypothalamus. If this new formation was removed, the process of aging slowed down. Taking into consideration this fact, the scientists decided that to slow down the process of aging, it is not necessary to renew the stem cells in the whole body — it’s enough to renew them only in the hypothalamus.

11. Plants have feelings.
European scientists claimed that trees can feel and actually be afraid of animal saliva. They begin to resist and produce tannins in order to deter deer. The production of growth hormones is activated later, in order to compensate for the harm. Check and mate, vegetarians.

12. Leading brain hemisphere

This test can help you to figure out which brain hemisphere is leading in your body. Put your hands together and see which brain hemisphere is dominant. It all depends on the finger you put on top of your hands. Right finger on top means that the right hemisphere is dominant; left finger on top proves that the left hemisphere is more active in your body (it does not necessarily mean that you are left-handed in this case).The right hemisphere  is responsible for emotions, intuition, dreams, and imagination. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical and logical thinking and memorising facts, names, and dates.
However, 1% of people would put their fingers parallel to each other. These people are called ambidextrous. Scientists have suggested that for ambidextrous people there is no dominant brain hemisphere. In this case, both of them are equally developed. They are also equally adapted to using both the right and left hand. Such people can quickly estimate a situation and make a decision

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