Best foundations for different skin types

Hello lovelies its Marcella,today I'm going to be writing on Foundations for Different Skin Types. 

You know you have to choose your foundation based on what works for Your skin. I know most foundations out there today that are of good quality are expensive, but you don't have to lose hope because I did a little research and I found some foundations out there that are really good and affordable. 

First on our list today is my personal favourite marykay. Whether its good old regular marykay or marykay timewise foundation this brand is amaaazing!!(yes I love it that much).If you are like me and have combination\oily skin then marykay timewise foundation is definitely for you! It is a matte foundation,long lasting and it blends really nicely and gives a nice finish and you can buildup the coverage. You can also try the regular marykay its also very good.

Milani 2-in-1 foundation is another amazing foundation that comes at a bargain and the best news is it is two products for the price of one. Don't understand? Then let me explain. It is a concealer and a foundation! I know you guys will love this because let's face it we all love a versatile product LOL. It is a water based foundation and its good for dry and combination skin so what are you waiting for try it.

I present to you Maybelline fit me matte+ poreless foundation. It gives a flawless coverage and it is amazing my bestie swears by it and its quite affordable too. For a great finish and longlasting look you should try this out. Not to worry you can thank me later this is great if you have large pores or oily skin.

Next,is the classic mattifying foundation(oh my gawd)I have no love! No love for this foundation it comes in a tube and its one of the cheapest foundation you can find and I tell you there is a reason for that.So I read reviews about this foundation that were not that great and I decided to try it for myself (error), It was awful!!! I don't know if its because of my skin type but it was bad. 

When I first applied it I thought it was great, just that I had to apply it fast cause it got dry really quickly. Anyway so as a baby girl feeling funky, I applied it on a Sunday to church. By the time I got to church my face was a NO GO ZONE it was MELTING!I sat at the back of the church and kept trying to dab my face and people kept looking at me, funny long story really, to cut it short, it ended up in the dustbin. I personally do not recommend it.

Last but by no means least I bring to you Revlon Colour stay foundation this foundation is the bomb and a popular favourite know why? Because its waterproof yo! Yes you read that right its a waterproof foundation it has sun protection and can last 24 HOURS!!! 

This is the best thing to happen to makeup lovers its a great find and guess what it doesn't break the bank.Its great for all skin types so what are you waiting for try it you won't regret it .

Well that is it for me today until next time I remain your ever faithful makeup lover keep being stylish.

And remember if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer.

Your girl Marcella signing out.

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