How to keep your makeup on the whole day

Hey guys my name is Marcella,and I am here with some tips on how to keep your makeup on the whole day.
Now as girl you know we love to look good and feel good but sometimes our makeup won't let us slay in peace. I remember a time my sister and I went to an event and for some reason she was sweating so much even though the whole place was cool, it was an outdoor event by the way. You won't believe what happened to her. Her whole makeup was literally DRIPPING! As in it was like her whole face was melting it was completely horrible. So, that was what inspired me to right this tips. I hope they help you out. Here goes;

1) My first tip is to look for a good primer. That is very important. I recommend going for mattifying primers if you have oily skin or you are prone to sweating alot. Mattifying primers will help close your pores, because all those oils and sweat on your face come out through this pores or something like that. But if your skin is normal you can use any primer of your choosing, so far as it is original. If you don't have much money then I recommend kiss beauty or classic primers they are also good and super affordable. But if you are willing to break the bank then I recommend KATVOND primer. It is one of the best.

2)My second tip is to look for a good foundation blending brush. Yeah the foundation comes after the primers. I've found that if you blend your foundation very well your makeup tends to stay on longer even if you don't use a primer. If you don't have a foundation brush you can opt for a good beauty blender, preferably the ones made of Silicon, they really help in keeping makeup on as well.

3)My third tip which really has nothing to do with keeping makeup on, but I feel will help you either way is to AVIOD by all means milk of magnesia. A lot of people say it helps keep your makeup on and it's true, but they don't tell you the side effects. Milk of magnesia is deadly for the skin especially dry skin because it dries out your skin even more. It is like a leach sucking all the luscious goodness in your skin making it dry and scaly. It eventually makes you look older than your age. So avoid it at all cost.

4)My forth and final tip is to get a good setting spray. It comes in a bottle like a perfume or body spray, and what you do is that after your are done with your make you spray GENTLY all over you face and like the name suggest it sets your makeup and makes it last longer. If you don't have a primer you can spray it on before the makeup and spray it on after. So it can be used as a primer as well. I recommend again classic or ushaz setting spray because those are what I used and they seem legit.

So that is it dear reader, I hope I have been able to help you with my little tips. Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer. And if you've liked the information please subscribe. Thank you
Peace out until next time.

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