Jude Iruansi

Jude Iruansi - aka JudeDrizzy

Was born on the 20th of June 2000 in his home town of Irua in Edo state Nigeria.
He is an undergraduate studying Civil Engineering at the University of Ambrose Alli in his birth state.

Judedrizzy who is christian, enjoys playing soccer, writing songs, dancing and making people laugh. He is also in love with music. He is optimistic and caring and although very accommodative, loathe lies and does not tolerate failure.

He hopes to one day become an outstanding musician, the likes of which will be known globally. And to him although achievable it will not be an easy path to take.
Jude Iruansi believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well and one of his favourite quotes is that kind thing!

JudeDrizzy is live on FB and  IG!

Click the icon above to visit his Instagram page.
He is also live on Facebook as Iruansi A Jude.

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